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boot uboot from ram p3040ds

Question asked by Paresh Chaudhary on Aug 18, 2016



I have p3041 development kit. It has preloaded uboot. I want to boot uboot from ram . I am using tftp to copy uboot on specified ram memory and use go command for boot but i am getting unexceptional error.



Here is the my information. My RAM memory range is 0x00000000 - 0x80000000

I have assign memory which comes under ram memory range to CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE = 0x11000000 and CONFIG_RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS = 0x1108fffc and also stop ddr init logic from uboot.


I am following below sequence for boot from preloaded uboot console.


tftp 0x11000000 uboot.pbl

go 0x1108f000


Here are the attached and for reference. I am taking reference  from linux - loading u-Boot in memory instead of flashing it - Stack Overflow


Anyone facing that kind of problem. What will be the issue. Let me know if any more information required to understand problem.

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