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how to enable and use  VFPU and SPE2-SIMD for MPC57xx in S32DS project

Question asked by E.w. Hu Employee on Aug 18, 2016
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As we know, in most of our MPC57xx parts, such as MPC5775K as below, there are VFPU and SPE2-SIMD, which are very useful when doing DSP and complex math calculation.but how can we enable and use it in a S32DS project?

MPC5xxx 32-bit MCU for ADAS Applications

There is no options for this when create the project, and there are some related options in project properties-->C/C++ Bulid-->Stettings-->Target Processor, I checked Use hardware floating point, and configured Signal Processing: generate SPE v2 SIMD instructions and use ewl_c9x library:



However, after configurations as above, I find the disassemle code has nothing differerent,  no performance improve, no SPE instructions generated for my codes, it seems still call the ewl_c9x library to complete my math operations:


void calc_magnitude_doppler( fft_value_t* inAddr, magnitude_t* outAddr, bool_t bRCSComp, eDistRange distRange){

  fft_value_t real, img;

  uint64_t quad;

  double sqroot;

  uint16_t x, y;


  for(y=0; y<FFT_NUM_SAMPLES; y++){

   // Do it for one chirp



  // Pointer to values

  real = *(inAddr + (x * FFT_NUM_SAMPLES * 2));

  img = *(inAddr + (x * FFT_NUM_SAMPLES * 2) + 1);


  // Calculate magnitude

  quad = (uint64_t)((int64_t)real*real + (int64_t)img*img);



  sqroot = sqrt((double)quad);

// sqroot = __ev_fssqrt(quad);


  // Calculate RCS compensation

  /*if( par->bRCSComp == bTrue ){

   if( y < (FFT_NUM_SAMPLES/2) ){

  sqroot = sqroot * rcs_comp(y, par->distRange);



  sqroot = sqroot * rcs_comp((y-(y-128)*2-1), par->distRange);



  // Save Value

  *(outAddr) = (magnitude_t)sqroot;


  // Adjust pointer



   // Adjust Pointer





So, how can we enable and use the powerful VFPU and SPE2-SIMD in S32DS project?  Is there any addtional header files should be included or any SPE/FPU initialization needed besides the above project settings/configurations?




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Enwei Hu.