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LPC4357 I2S

Question asked by Athul Pavithran on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by jeremyzhou


I am currently working with i2s peripheral of lpc4357. The ultimate aim is to ingrate audio codec SGTL5000 with lpc4357. I am little confused over i2s 4-line, That is the SGTL5000 has got four i2s pins 1)DOUT  2)DIN  3)SCK 4)WS  where as  lpc4357 found to be eight pins  1)RX_SDA  2)TX_SDA  3)RX_SCK  4)TX_SCK  5) RX_WS 6)TX_WS 7)RX_ MCLK 8)TX_MCLK. I am not understanding the purpose of RX_MCLK and TX_MCLK. How do i interface sgtl5000 4-line i2s with lpc4357 3-line i2s(separate for RX and TX) ?.I didn't find any relevant document to refer. Looking for replay.

Thank you.