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New FRDM-K64F resets after 30 seconds

Question asked by Keith Van Dierendonck on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Keith Van Dierendonck

I have a brand new FRDM-K64F just out of the box, but it keeps resetting every 30 seconds or so.


When I plugged it in, it shows up in Device Manager (Windows 10) as "Portable Devices" -> "MBED" and I can see it as a mass storage device until it resets.

I've gone through the Getting Started steps, but the Out-of-Box "bubble level" demo isn't working.

I've installed the SDK, KDS, and serial drivers. The COM port does appear until it resets.

If I try to load the hello_world example, KDS can't find the device.


Is this a hardware problem or can I do something to recover the board?