Problem with P&E Micro USB Multilink

Discussion created by venca on Jun 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by venca
I'm working on a project using MC 13213 and P&E Micro USB Multilink. Recently I have installed a new CodeWarrior version 6.2. When I ran the debuger for the first time, it has upgraded the version of the P&E Multilink firmware to 5.77. But this is a problem for me. The project has worked quite well with the old 5.72. Now the program stack is exposed to unexpected nonsense writes and the application crashes. I tried to install back the CW 6.1 and recompile the project but with the same result. Is there any possibility to downgrade the firmware version of P&E Multilink? Or any other suggestion?
Thanks for your answer