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FT5x06 Touch screen issue.

Question asked by hrushinale on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by aravinthkumar jayaprakasam

Hello all,


I am using a custom board running on i.MX6 solo. On our board I tried to bring up the FT5x06 capacitive touchscreen for that I used ft5x06_ts.c driver from boundary devices .

Now, the touch screen is working fine if I am loading the driver as a MOdule but its not working if I load the driver in the kernel itself(After touching the screen the cursot will move to one corner and will not move from there.)


I am unable to make the touch work without loading the drivers manually.

I am using kernel version 3.14.28 and  yocto rootfs.


Kindly help regarding this issue.



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