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K70, MQX 4.1 SPI I/O Drivers, Codewarrior CW 10.6 GCC

Question asked by Louie Moye on Aug 16, 2016
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I've read several posts on this forum where others are experiencing the same issue as I am having.  Unfortunately, they are working with different versions of MQX and processor.  I'm reying to use MQX 4.1 SPI IO driver on K70, to read a serial Flash part (Micron M25P20).  I believe I have everything cpnfigured properly as I am seeing exactly what I expect on the SPI bus: Setting the WEL bit to the status register, then reading the status register.  I expect 0x02, and this is what I'm seeing on the MISO line.  /CS, SCLK, MOSI, and MISO timing and data look correct, however, the read buffer always report 0x00.  I've tried _io_ioctl  without success (following).   Below is my actual read function.  Any help would be great,





/* Test simultaneous write and read to stat reg */

  memset (send_buffer, 0, sizeof (send_buffer));

  memset (recv_buffer, 0, sizeof (recv_buffer));

  send_buffer[0] = SPI_MEMORY_READ_STATUS;



  rw.WRITE_BUFFER = (char *)send_buffer;

  rw.READ_BUFFER = (char *)recv_buffer;



  printf ("IO_IOCTL_SPI_READ_WRITE ... ");

  if (SPI_OK == _io_ioctl (m_spifd, IO_IOCTL_SPI_READ_WRITE, &rw))


  printf ("OK\n");




  printf ("ERROR\n");


  _io_fflush (m_spifd);


unsigned char SerialEEPROM::ReadStatus()


  _mqx_int result;

  uint8_t rxVal = 0xFF;

  spiTxBuf = new unsigned char[SPI_TMP_BUF_SIZE];

  spiRxBuf = new unsigned char[SPI_TMP_BUF_SIZE];

  spiTxBuf[0] = STATUS_REG;

  result = _io_write(m_spifd, spiTxBuf, 1);

  result = _io_read(m_spifd, spiRxBuf, 1);


  rxVal = spiRxBuf[0];



  return rxVal;