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T4240 pcie development iNIC kernel driver?

Question asked by Brian Champlin on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Joel Scherpelz

I'm working on developing a product prototype using the T4240 pcie development board as a bareboard compute node.  The USB flash drive provided with the hardware kit is defective and the replacement provided by the reseller is also defective (looks like a bad flash controller model).  I believe that this flash drive contained the required software source to prototype using this board as the files are not in freescale's public git repo.  It has become apparent that endpoint side PCIe drivers are quite different compared to root complex side drivers.


Either I need to:

1.  Have somebody explain what needs to be done to write a PCIe endpoint side driver.


2.  Provide the kernel patch (I believe the files is iNIC-kernel-20140829.tar.bz2) so I can infer the question from the answer.


Thanks for any help that can be offered by the community,