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Thank you for the prompt reply, however, the post does not relate or answer the question asked, or at least, help to solve the problem we have.  Could you please elaborate the context of your response (e.g., what does PAMU have to do with the PBI commands, or key hash; these seem entirely unrelated to our post)?  Can you please review the question we posted with the accompanied Freescale slides and specifically help us understand or explain why NOR XIP flash is in the E000_0000+ range, but any uboot or header images in this space will not be recognized by the ISBC because it exceeds the 0-3.5GB address space (0 t0 D000_000), and how to configure the PBI commands to read uBoot in this lower 0-3.5GB range, or otherwise map the address spaces. I posted specific Freescale images that show how NOR flash is in E000_0000 address then all of a sudden (without explanation) it appears in the next slide as C000_0000 address space. The PBI commands shown are pointing to the 0xC000_xxxx regions yet the images are in 0xE000_xxxx locations. We would be very appreciative if we could receive answers to the specific questions posted.


Again, thank you.



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How to start the P4080DS/T2080 secure boot


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Hi Marc Boillot ,


        We have resloved this issue ,the root cause is the PAMU bypass was set to 0, after we set it to ffff ,this issue disapper .


       But we have another issue , In p4080/T2080 board ,if we generate a key hash key1, and burn it into flash ,then we use other key key2 to sign the u-boot. when we boot the device , the u-boot can boot up , U-boot Cannot be verified ,but it can boot up . is it a bug ?


     we just change set the SB_EN in rcw ,and don't burn the ITS fuse .

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