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HCS12XDP512: problem using page E1 for main CPU instead of XGATE

Question asked by vectorio on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by ZhangJennie

In the PRM file, flash pages E0 and E1 are normally assigned to XGATE:


PAGE_E0   = READ_ONLY   0xE08800 TO 0xE0BFFF ALIGN 2[1:1]; /* is also mapped to XGATE:  0x0800..0x3FFF    */
  PAGE_E1   = READ_ONLY   0xE18000 TO 0xE1BFFF ALIGN 2[1:1]; /* is also mapped to XGATE:  0x4000..0x7FFF    */

However, because our application is very large, we want to use PAGE_E1 for the main CPU. But we are experiencing problems with this. In some cases, the checksums check fails on startup (not in page E1, but in other pages). In other cases, we get unexpected interrupts (no. 78, XGATE SW error).

I would like to know whether it's supported to use this page for the main CPU and not for XGATE (if not, I can stop trying). If yes, I would be grateful for some directions as to which steps need to be taken so that it works.