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Question about CodeWarrior Devt Studio for HC(S)12(X) v5.1 and USB Multilink Universal FX

Question asked by Michel RIVIERE on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Michel RIVIERE

Hi! For a need of Continuous Engineering on a Product with HC12 target (MC912DG128AMPVE), I have recently bought CODEWARRIOR Development Suite "STANDARD" Edition, with Permanent License , and I have  installed the CodeWarrior Development Studio for the S12(X) V5.1 (that is the last version integrating the ServicePack for HC12), on a PC / Windows7.

I have also bought an "USB Multilink Universal FX" interface (Part # USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX Rev B), in order to debug and flash program on our HC12 target.

Please :

.Is the "USB Multilink Universal FX" compatible with CodeWarrior Devt Studio for the HC(S)12(X) V5.1 ? (No Patch need ?)

.Which Version of (PEMICRO) PROG12Z Software must be used (*) , with our environment ? (Windows7, CodeWarrior Devt Studio HC(S)12(X) V5.1, USB Multilink Universal FX Rev-B) ?