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Processor Expert External Interrupt Component

Question asked by Richard Fox on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Richard Fox

The processor I am using is the MK22FN256VLH12. A GPIO bit in a Port is configured

as an Input which will interrupt on both edges of the signal.The ExtInt component is

used to configure the interrupts. An ExtInt_Ldd has been built with an Initialization

function, the Interrupt handler, and the GetVal function. I use the GetVal to determine

which edge caused the interrupt.


First the Initialization function in ExtInt_LDD is never called, is this correct?

My main problem is the first time that an interrupt is generated my ISR is entered

at the function's entry point. However, the next interrupt results in the ISR being entered

in the middle of the function.Is this a result of the data structure not being initialized?


What can I do to make this work correctly?


I must have had a brain freeze. What I need to do is have 1 ISR which checks which pin caused

the interrupt and processes accordingly. I apologize for wasted time.



SORRY - The problem description is incorrect. My reply to Robin describes the problem that I am having.

                  I was relying on Breakpoints that did not trigger.