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MCU Toolchain Question

Question asked by duanemattern on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by Martin Kovar

20160815: I'm working on an application with an MPC560xB target and I just got started with the TRK-MPC5606B kit using CodeWarrior 10.6 along withRAppID Init for MPC5606B.

I have some questions about the toolchain and best practices as follows:


1) It appears that the S32 Design Studio is an alternative toolchaing using the GNU compiler, but my sense is that it is not yet ready for primetime for all targets, specifically the MPC56xx family, and that it is best to stick with the CodeWarrior/Eclipse toolchain for now and that one could switch to S32 Design Studio in the future if desired.  Is this a reasonable assumption?


2) I used RAppID Init to setup/initialize the target I/O.  My understanding is that this is the tool to use for initialization code as ProcessExpert isn't available or isn't being updated for the MPC560x?  Is this correct?


3) I used RAppID Init to setup/initialize the target I/O.  I then used cwpjmaker to move the generated code into the CodeWarrior environment.  This works, but it just dumps all of the initialization files into a single source folder which seems hard to maintain and is unstructured.  I left the provided driver files (TRK5606B) in their own subfolder.  My question is: what's the "best practice" for code warrior folder organization in liu of the fact that I may need to re-run RAppID Init, which will then generate a new set of files that I'll have to then re-import into the application?   Or is it better to only import major hardware modifications (additions/subtraction) and to manually manipulate the files for small changes to avoid disturbing the project structure and to avoid having all of the changes ripple through the software repository?


I'm just trying to get off on the right foot.  Any suggestions or links to other posts/articles are welcome.