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Two or more sensors Attached with one ADC in TWR-K20D72M can't work simultaneusly

Discussion created by Bhavin Maru on Aug 16, 2016
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I am working with TWR-K20D72M board as controller and IAREW(IAR Embedded Workbench) software for programming.i download the sample codes from the below link


in those sample codes they are given the sample codes for ADC interface.on board potentiometer is interfaced with one channel of ADC1 which is ADC1_DM0.please try to solve my below query:

-- Here potentiometer is connected to ADC1 now is it possible to attach more sensors with ADC1(means 2 or 3 sensors simultaneusly on ADC1)?


i also tried by changing ADC selection channel but not works properly.if it is possible then tell me which things i have to change in code.


Thank You