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CW DSC56800/E 8.1 (56F8323) - Using IntFLASH Bean

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Jun 16, 2008
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Hello All,
You ever have that feeling on the edge of your mind.  You feel like you know the answer but you can't seem to grasp it?  That's how I feel right now.
I am trying to use the IntFLASH Bean for my project.  I have 2 items I want to store in the Data FLASH section.  The first is a struct with all my parameters about the device.  The second is an array of data that will have one variable updated on every power down.  basically the array will be 256 words and every 256th power down the arrray will be erased and we will start over at the beginning.
My issue is how to setup this Bean for use.  I started by including the Bean in my project and I selected "Data_Flash" Segment and I selected Destructive Write. Right now I don't plan to use Virtual pages but if someone says that is what I need then I will use them.
I have read everything I could find on this Bean in the Help provided in CW, its not much.  I specifiaclly looked at the Typical Usage information but that did not show me how to accomplish what I was trying to do.
OK, now for my question:
How do I allocate space in the Data FLASH segment?  I need to allocate space for my array and I would like to mirror my parameters structure in this segment as well.
Once I understand how to allocate the space I need I can move forward since the rest of the Bean seems pretty well documented.
Thanks in advance to any tips.