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Can not boot BSC9132QDS from SPIFlash

Question asked by Can Van Quyen on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Can Van Quyen

Hi all,


I have tried several times, to boot bsc9132qds from SPIFlash.

I did as bellow but my images can not boot.

     1. make BSC9132QDS_SPIFLASH_DDRCLK133_config

     2. make

     3. ../boot-format/boot_format ../boot-format/config_ddr3_1gb_9132qds_1330M.dat u-boot.bin -spi bsc9132_SPI133.bin


After that i programmed bsc9132_SPI133.bin to SPI flash, but the board can not boot up event DUT READ LED already ON.

Can anyone help me resolve this problem?


Note : I can boot normally on NAND flash (by make BSC9132QDS_NAND_DDRCLK100_config).


Thanks & Best regards.