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IMX6Q SABRE Board for Smart Devices install Ubuntu14.04

Question asked by yang jiao on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by jimmychan


     I want to install UBUNTU14.04 or ubuntu16.04 on the IMX6Q SABRE Board for Smart Devices.

Who can help me,please. I try to install Ubuntu14.04 on SD card success .But can not flash it to emmc.

So who can give me a prompt,thank you very much.!!

   我需要在 IMX6Q SABRE Board for Smart Devices的emmc上安装ubuntu14.04或者ubuntu16.04,谁能帮助我,我试着在SD卡上安装了ubuntu14.04,但是我需要把ubuntu14.04安装在emmc上,请教谁能给我个提示或者镜像,非常感谢!!!