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PWM value update with PE Init_FTM component

Discussion created by Bruno Tremblay on Aug 15, 2016
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I'm trying to generate a phase shift PWM signal using 4 channel for the FTM2 on a MKE06Z. I have no problem initialize the PE Init_FTM to generate the signals I want, but I can't change the values (FTM_CnV) register at runtime with the following interface : FTM_PDD_WriteChannelValueReg(FTM2_BASE_PTR,FTM_PDD_CHANNEL_2,Shift);


I've try to call it periodicaly or put it in the OverflowInterrupt, but the value in the register won't change. In the reference manual, it's not clearly explain when, where or how to change or update the channel value.


I also tried the solution of the Update PWM period on runtime post, it works ok for one channel, but I can't combine two channels. Do someone have an idea?