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Getting Started - Part II

Question asked by Michael Liebert on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by ZhangJennie

So I've played around a bit and still have questions.  I'll ask the questions first, and then describe how they arose.  I'm working with the FRDM-KV10Z board with KDS v3.2.


Is there any guidance / documentation on building a new project?  (I.e. completely from scratch, except maybe using existing files that define symbols for fixed memory addresses.)


Where are the linker command files (i.e the ones that tell the linker were to put things in memory) ?


So I built and ran the HelloWorld demo.  I was able to use the debugger to step through it's initialization code in both assembler and 'C'.  I could see where the LED was being toggled and do this manually.  Of course when I built this, the BubbleApp that was installed on the FRDM-KV10Z board was lost.  So I decided I wanted to build and run the Bubble App.


But there was no supplied BubbleApp project for KDS, so I tried (several times!) to make my own.  I told KDS I wanted to build a new project and copied the source files from one of the existing BubbleApp projects in my new project.  First I got errors because include files weren't found.  So I made them findable with some difficulties due the difference between  includes with quotes and includes with angle brackets.  Then I got undefined externals (e.g. debug_printf) so I found libraries where they were located and specified them.  Eventually I was told that my .text section couldn't fit in the region m_text.  When I went looking for something that specified what m_text was and where it was located I couldn't find any file that mentioned "m_text". And I couldn't find any file that looked like any linker command file that I am familiar with.  (I've been doing this stuff for a long time!  Most recently with TI MCU's and longer ago with Intel micros, always in 'C' and or Assmbley Language; and always with a smattering of PC software development)