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LPC54102 reading GPIO pins

Question asked by Julian Crouch on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Julian Crouch

Hey guys!


I am working on an embedded project and am relatively new to the mc world, so go easy.  I'd ask my teacher but he is of the "you only learn it if you teach yourself" mentality...


Anyway, this is an independent study project and is only loosely related to school, so don't feel as if there is any sort of cheating going on.


We are using a LPC 54102 board and I am working on getting digital in/out working.  I can send any of my arduino shield pins HIGH/LOW no problem, but I am having a problem reading from them.  Here is what I have:


My functions

My main

Lines 57 and 58 are basically debugging tests, but I still don't know why my pinState is always getting flagged to true when I call digitalRead()


Any pointers would be amazing!