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i.MX6UL - how to configure MQS (Medium Quality Sound) under Linux

Question asked by Cliff Brake on Aug 12, 2016


Trying to get MQS working on a i.MX6UL project.  I have the following in my board DTS:

&mqs {

  clock-names = "mclk";

  status = "okay";



When I boot up the system, I see the following kernel messages:


ERROR: could not get clock /soc/aips-bus@02000000/mqs:mclk(0)                                                                  │

fsl-mqs 2000000.aips-bus:mqs: failed to get the clock: -2         


So, looking for clues and ideas how to configure this.  The ref manual has the following:


The user needs to program SAI1 to output 2-channel MSB-16bit active I2S signal, and

then to program the related IOMUXC_GPR2 bits.


Attached is a de-compiled version of my DTB, so you have a complete snapshot of my DT config.


Appreciate any pointers or an example of a platform that has this working that I could reference.




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