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Impossible to program 9S08QE64 Demo with CPROGHCS08 programmer. What is wrong?

Discussion created by Bele Robert on Jun 16, 2008
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I am usual of CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08 family. I am now starting with HCS08 family.

For that, I am using :

           - MC9S08QE64

           - USB MULTILINK Interface Revision C

           - CodeWarrior 6.0

           - Software Demo QE64 Assembler


I am observing the following when I try to program the device with the HCS08 P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro Connection:

           - First try after connection Error 14 happen

- After Abort Postload command file correctly executed

           - Connection looks OK: I can modify any port with debbugger

           - Executing again loading of QE64 Demo . The CPROGHCS08 programmer (Version 1.49) Status Window shows the following:

Windows NT detected

Ethernet functionnality not enabled; Socket Error #10065 No route to host

Copyright 1999,2000 P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc



USB HCS08/HCS12 MULTILINK detected -Flash Version 5.67

Initializing. Target has been RESET and is active


CMD>CM C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrllers V6.0\prog\P&E\9S08QE64.S8P

USB HCS08/HCS12 MULTILINK detected -Flash Version 5.67

Initializing.(Recommended TRIM=$00B1,FTRIM=0) (Bus Freq=7968khz) Initialized

;version 0.04 ALPHA 01/08/2007, copyright P&E Microcomputer Systems, [9s08qe64]

;device Freescale, 9S08QE64, All


Loading programming algorithm... Done.(FCDIV=$AC)



Erasing. /



The / after Erasing is continously turning . The system keep this state and never goes to the next step.


So it is impossible to program. What is wrong?