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KV3x -  watchdog issue

Discussion created by Jaroslav Lepka on Aug 11, 2016
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Hi Chris,


Sorry to bother you, but I would like to ask you for help with watchdog behavior on KV3x devices.

Customer would like to use watchdog on KV3x and observed issue with integrating it into his application.



-          Watchdog clock source: LPO at 1 kHz. It is necessary to have independent clock for watchdog which must be different from core clock

-          Timeout value: 10 s (register value - 10000 at 1 kHz)

-          Window value: 0

-          Prescaler value: 0

-          Watchdog is refreshed periodically in the interrupt triggered by SysTick (IsrSysTick interrupt handler) every 1 ms



a)       The watchdog is not refreshed with the period of 1 ms

b)      How to refresh watchdog during the startup code when it is difficult to keep period larger than 1 ms? Will the watchdog be updated correctly even if the update will happen several times in 1 ms period?



1)      The issue is probably caused by watchdog input clock which is 1 kHz (1 ms)

2)      Is it possible to update watchdog anytime regardless of watchdog source clock which means more often than just once in 1 ms period? If so, how does this work?

3)      Since it is synchronous design the watchdog peripheral module is probably triggered with 1 kHz clock.

4)      How can we manage watchdog update in startup code? It is difficult to keep 1 ms time frame. It is changing with startup code complexity and it is application dependent



Thanks for your help




Best regards


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