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LS1021A Early UART Debugging

Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Aug 11, 2016
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What is the virtual address of UART2 in the basic YOCTO build for LS1021ATWR?


Hi, I'm trying to bring up Linux on a custom board based on the LS1021ATWR dev kit and SDK.  However, my console access is UART2 (0x021D0500).  I would like to configure Linux to ouput early debug info on this port.  There's a similar post here for the LS1021A-PB: Early UART Debugging on ttyS0 (Bank-0)  LS1021A-PB.  I've been able to enable DEBUG_LL and compile printasci into head.S, but no output yet.

When configuring DEBUG_LL, it seems I must set the items CONFIG_DEBUG_UART_PHYS and CONFIG_DEBUG_UART_VIRT as well.  How do I determine the address for CONFIG_DEBUG_UART_VIRT?