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How to Program custom board's MK20dx128vll7 microcontroller using TWRk20d72M Devlopment Board?

Discussion created by Parth Modi on Aug 11, 2016


I have TWRK20D72M EVM Board and I want to program and debug MK20DX128VLL7 microcontroller.I have my own custom board.

I used the SWD interface for the programming the controller.I used the TWDK20D72M 's J11 port for the programming the MK20dx128vll7.


I have below listed queries for the same.


1) Is it possible to progarm and debug the MK20DX128LL7 controller use of TWEK20D72M.

2) If yes than,how???


Any help in this case would be great appreciated


Please let me know if you need more information from the our side.



Parth Modi