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Latest MfgTool console based UI does not display anything.

Question asked by Dragon on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Ross Mcluckie

Previously I was using the MfgTool with the -noui flag to load boards via console view.  This does not seem to be working with a later version.   I needed this newer version to support MX6 SX.


Output from old version:

Manufacture Tool (Library: 2.2.3)

Device 1[Hub 0--Port 0]: No Device Connected

Start updating......

Device 1 - Waiting for device connect......

success: 0 -- failed: 0


There is no output from the newer version.  It *does* seem to operate just fine (copies files, boots, jumps, etc), other than you have indication of the progress.

The GUI reports library 2.6.2