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Problem using u-boot in iMX53 loco and eMMC

Question asked by Flavio Alves on Aug 10, 2016
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I'm working on a new design based on iMX53 Quick Start Board.

I'm using u-boot-fslc and linux-fslc from Yocto recipes.

The Linux distribuition is Debian Jessie.

Boths u-boot and kernel were compiled manually, using arm-poky toolchain


I can boot the system from the SD card without any problem.

From the SD card, I was able to access the eMMC partitions and save information in those partitions. I setup the system in the same way as the SD card:

* The 1st partition for u-boot

* The 2nd partition (VFAT) for kernel and device tree

* The 3rd partition for filesystem


When I change the boot in order to boot from the eMMC, u-boot starts, but it doesn't detect the other partitions located in eMMC.

If I maintain the SD card on the board, the u-boot from the eMMC can detect the contents from the SD Card.


I added the CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_BOOT on mx53loco.h, recompiled u-boot. It didn't work.


I checked the schematics, and it is using SD3 bus, with 8 bits data. I checked u-boot source code, and it seems to set ESDHC3 and all 8 bits of data bus. I believe this is correct. Is there any other thing that I should check?


The eMMC is from Sandisk (I don't have the specific part number now). From the specification, it is 4.51, but I saw that there is backward compatibility with the support 4.4 version presented on u-boot. Is that correct?


What should I do in u-boot in order to correctly access Linux Kernel and Device Tree in order to boot Linux from eMMC?


Thanks in advance.


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