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MPC5777C CSE Problem

Question asked by Jeff Campbell on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by TONG ZHOU

Well, I'm back again.  I think I've messed up my CSE - directly from the system reset, it has an error code 0x13 (error reading, programming, or erasing one of the CSE flash blocks).  I decided to try and follow the instructions for resetting its flash space, but these involve working through the CSE itself, and any CSE commands I issue are ignored and it throws a 0x02 error code (command sequence error).  No combination of CANCEL and INIT_CSE commands worked.  CANCEL is the only command the CSE will accept without throwing that 0x02 error.


I've tried looking through AN4234, but a lot of details seem to be outdated for the MPC5777C.


Any thoughts as to what might be wrong?