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SDRAM A0 is too slow. What might be the problem?

Question asked by Sigurd Möller on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Sigurd Möller

I am trying to configure my AS4C2M32SA-6TIN 64MB SDRAM on my LPC4337 (costum board).


I have verified that the EMC clock is half M4 core clock (204/2=102MHz) but when measuring A0
this is only running at 1MHz (expected to run at half core clock when read/write to the entire SDRAM).



What could be the reason for this? I got an MPC4357-EVB with 32MB 16-bit SDRAM and got the example working in uVision.


When trying to use this example on my 64MB 32-bit SDRAM in emIDE (with corrected parameters that fits this SDRAM) nothing works.


my config setup can be seen here


Hope someone is able to help.