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Is it possible to communicate with more than one Device using TCP/IP communication through LPC1768 Based  controller Board???

Question asked by chithra ks on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by soledad

I would like to get excuse from all of you before Explaining my issue. It may look so simple for you all. But as I am new to the world of Ethernet communication using controllers no other option for me to get solution rather than this.

We are using an LPC1768 Based controller Board with a Ethernet Port. LPCXpresso is the IDE we are working with. I am working with TCP/IP protocol right now. I am looking for a solution to my problem.

  1. The controller is used to communicate with A camera and one more Device, All the 3 in the Same network.
  2. Both Based on TCP/IP protocol.
  3. I have to send few commands for controlling the functionality of both through TCP/IP as  I mentioned earlier. Few commands will Reply with some data's (A two way communication is requires were Controller Board acting as Master and both Devices as Slave)
  4. Using Easyweb Library I could communicate with one at a time
  5. I cant give Dedicated Boards to control  them separately.
  6. I need some one to Help me to come out from the issue.
  7. Suggest a Library for my Requirement which can send data to 2 different IP address Devices.
  8. I should be able to address two devices and I have to get connected with both devices for Sending and Receiving Packets
  9. If the controller we use have any limitations Suggest me a better option to achieve my Goal
  10. Thank you all in advance. !