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Porting AP6335 Wifi module to Android 5.1 which use 3.14.52 kernel.

Question asked by li chen on Aug 10, 2016
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Hi, All


our custom product is refer to i.MX6Q SABRE and the only modification is the wifi module, ours is AMPAK's AP6335 , we are porting this module to Android 5.1 which use 3.14.52 kernel.


According to the  the wifi user  guide :


Power control and SDIO card detection

Fill WL_REG_ON GPIO pin number and implement card detection function to dhd_gpio.c as


void bcm_wlan_power_on(int flag)


if (flag == 1) {

printk("======== PULL WL_REG_ON HIGH! ========\n");

gpio_set_value(WIFI_WL_REG_ON, 1);


printk("======== Card detection to detect SDIO card ========\n");


} else {

printk("======== PULL WL_REG_ON HIGH! (flag = %d) ========\n", flag);

gpio_set_value(WIFI_WL_REG_ON, 1);





when we ported this wifi module to Android 4.3 which use 3.0.35 kernel,the card detect function we used is

int imx_wifi_mmc_safe_detect(int online);

which is located in drivers/mmc/host/sdhci-esdhc-imx.c:827:int imx_wifi_mmc_safe_detect(int online)




but we just can't find this function anymore in 3.14.52 kernel .



the question is :which function is the card detect function in 3.14.52 kernel ?


Hope for your help!