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1.2GHz products of i.MX6D/Q

Question asked by torus1000 on Aug 9, 2016
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I guess at least 3 modifications required for 1.2GHz i.MX6D/Q.

    a.  add "ldo_active=on" in u-boot cmdline

    b.  LDO input range: 1.4- 1.5V

    c.  LDO output: 1.275V

*Where CPUFREQ driver read the dtb to support setpoints for b. and c. which programmed in the <kernel>/arch/arm/boot/dts/*.dtsi.


(Q1) Is there any application note or design guide which described tips to modify software and hardware for 1.2GHz i.MX6D/Q?


(Q2) Where can I get the official data sheet for 1.2GHz i.MX6D/Q?

I heard datasheet addendum for it long time ago.


(Q3) Which PMIC/voltage setting scenario as following is recommend for 1.2GHz i.MX6D/Q?

    d. MMPF0100F0/F1..FAxxx: SW1 supply 1.375V to the ARM core at early boot then switch SW1 to 1.4V output.

    e. MMPF0100NPxxx: otp programmed as SW1 supply 1.4V and DCD customized to 1.2GHz for ARM clock.


Can anyone help me?