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Memory Usage for MC9S08QB8 Device

Question asked by BOB PAEHR on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by ZhangJennie

When I access the CodeWarrior Debugger, a Console Window named "<project>_Flash_PnE U-Multilink" opens which shows a bunch of "INF" lines.  The following lines are part of that output:




INF: Verifying object file Checksum16+CRC8 to device ranges ...


INF:    block 0000E000-0000E735 ...


INF: Ok.


INF:    block 0000FFE6-0000FFE7 ...


INF: Ok.


INF:    block 0000FFFE-0000FFFF ...


INF: Ok.


INF:    Checksum Verification Successful. (Cumulative Checksum16+CRC8=$E1FEAC)


Do I assume that the E000-E735 is absolutely ALL of the Flash memory that my code occupies, and only two vectors for RESET and the TIMER that I defined for use are being written to the Flash memory?  And that this is a quick way to determine how much Flash memory my code occupies?


In regards to the amount of RAM used, I found the following in the MAP file:



  Name                                      Data   Code  Const


  Utilities_c.obj                              44    472      0

  main_c.obj                                  21    524      2

  start08_c.obj                                0    132      0

  mc9s08qb8_c.obj                       72      0       0

  rtshc08.o (ansiis.lib)                     0    697      0

  other                                           64     16       7


The "Code" column totals add up to 0x0731, which seems to coincide with the reported E000-E735 range.  Do I then assume that the Data column shows ALL of the RAM memory used by the project, for a total of 201 bytes?  And how do the "Const" bytes (which I assume represent Constants) figure into memory usage?


I am using CW10.6.4 for an MC9S08QB8 device.

Thank you, in advance.