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eMMC/SDHC read speed on LS1043A

Question asked by Thomas William Walsh on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Thomas William Walsh

I'm trying to measure the speed of the SDHC memory card slot of the LS1043A evaluation board, but for some reason I can't get faster than ~13MB/s. Is this the maximum? In UBoot, it seems there is no possibility to set it to more than 4 bit bus width either. The processor itself should support an embedded eMMC 4.5 card in 8 bit mode, which should support HS200 mode according to the datasheet. Is there a manual/tutorial where I can find the correct setup? I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong... The card used for the test is an UHS1 card with 80MB/s device (measured in a PC). The on board flash memory has similar speeds as well.