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T2081 SerDes1_PLLx not locking

Question asked by Joel Bovier on Aug 9, 2016
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The SerDes1_PLL1 and SerDes1_PLL2 are not locking on our T2081 board.


We have selected SRDS_PRTCL_S1 = 0xAA

We supply the 100MHz clock differential to SD1_REF_CLK1 and SD1_REF_CLK2

with clean clock. (no jitter)


We have UBOOT up and running, so we are able to Read/Write PLLnRSTCTL registers and

we have following values :


SerDes1_PLL1RSTCTL = 0x264745A7

SerDes1_PLL2RSTCTL = 0x06474520


Find attached our RCW image used.


Best regards


Joel Bovier

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