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IMX6Q SABRE AUTO CAN Module not working as expected on Linux 3.14

Question asked by shyamjith K V on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by igorpadykov

I am trying to use the CAN module 1 (CAN1)on an IMX6Q SABRE AUTO Board. The following are the list of commands I use to configure CAN1.

< ip link set can1 type can bitrate 250000 sample-point 0.875 loopback off listen-only off triple-sampling on >

< ifconfig can1 up >

1. After I configure CAN1 up, I do not see an idle high voltage on the CAN1 DB9 Connector pins(Pin2/Pin7). Why is this so?


2. After I press the SW1 (CAN wake-up switch) for a short while, the Pins 2 and 7 go idle high showing default CAN idle state. Can this be handled via any processor pins without using a switch press for the same ?


3. After i have an IDLE state on the CANH and CANL pins, i tried connecting a can sniffer hardware straight to the CAN1 DB9 connector, but i couldn't see Tx,RX from or to IMX6 CAN1. Is there anything I am missing here ?

I am using the following commands to send and receive,

< cansend can1 123#DEADBEEF >

< candump can1 any,0:0,#FFFFFFFF >


4. Regarding the termination resistance, i think the SABRE AUTO board uses a 60 ohm termination.My sniffer has a 120 Ohm termination inside. Shouldn't this be compatible as i dont have any long wires between the sniffer connector and the IMX6 CAN connector ?


Any help is appreciated.