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PCD selection for Point of sale application

Question asked by Mahmoud Hosseini on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Wigros Sun

We are decided to migrate from NXP old PCD chips ( MFRC 531 & MFRC522) to some thing new .

Latest project which defined is a Contact/Contact less card reader,Projects requirements is :

- ISO14443,ISO15693

- Ability to  read & write mifare classic/desfire/desfire ev1

-mutual operate with SAM(5 SAM are connected via TDA8026 )

- As possible as be new but have successful experiences and implementations in same area

- Good enough resources such as references manual,Initialization library,implementation experiences,Well document API

Theses are my Candidates:


SPI/I2C/UART interface  - mature - excellent reading distance - separate direction for communicating with SAM

Q:Is this able to operate with 5 SAM (TDA8026) by mentioned especial direction ?

2- PN5180:

Almost all of the NXP's POS related design manual are based on this PCD ? Why? with property make this especial?



Is this actually able to handle all of the functions required for mini contact-less CCID POS?

Has any successful experiences til now ?Has mature enough?