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VRH pin and VDDX pin details

Question asked by Pratima Vishwakarma on Aug 8, 2016
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I came across two findings so want to discuss those points related to S12 MagniV microcontroller. The document, I referred is MC9S12ZVC-Family Reference Manual and Datasheet (MC9S12ZVC_RMV1)  .


First thing, as we know that there is one inbuilt ADC and has the supply of VDDA, VSSA. The reference voltage as specified in the Pin diagram is VRH but in the signal description of pins, the datasheet shows VRH_0 and VRH_1 as the two signals, details on Page No. 38 of 795. So, could you please provide clarification about the no. of VRH pins available for ADC in the S12ZVC microcontroller for ADC setting?  And can we externally provide VRH voltage?


Secondly, for the VDDX supply, Load current supplied by VDDX pin as in Page No. 725 of 795, shows same description Sr. No. 4 and 5, of Table E-1. The values are different but the description is same. So, could you please tell the maximum load current value supplied by VDDX without PNP transistor?