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No MIPI DSI clock available

Question asked by seniz huseyin on Aug 8, 2016


I am trying to run a MIPI DSI display on savageboard-quad of which processor is imx6q. I am using the Yocto release provided by saveboard site. Kernel Version is 3.0.35. I have enabled MIPI DSI host controller driver and Himax HX8369A MIPI DSI panel in Kernel configuration. I am using Himax HX8394F MIPI DSI panel. So I ported current  HX8369A code for HX8394F.


I can see that the driver is probed and initialized in the kernel logs. But LCD_ID is not read at all. I got 0x00 for LCD_ID. I analyzed the signals with scope. Data lane signals seem to have expected waveforms. But MIPI DSI clock signals are not as I would expect. Both have 1V DC for a long time, than it toggles, and goes back to 0V and stay still.


What can be the reason beyond No MIPI DSI clock issue? I tried to trace video_27m_clk_root in the kernel, but no clue at all.