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LPC82X to be a slave device

Question asked by shujun ding on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I want to make LPC82X to be a slave device.But when I study the the sample code I download,I Can't unstand the API function "Chip_I2CS_SetSlaveAddr".

The following is sample code:

static void setupI2CSlave(void)


  /* Some common I2C init was performed in setupI2CMaster(), so it doesn't need to be done again for the slave setup. */

  /* Emulated EEPROM 0 is on slave index 0 */

  Chip_I2CS_SetSlaveAddr(LPC_I2C_PORT, 0, EEPROM0SLVADD);

  /* Disable Qualifier for Slave Address 0 */

  Chip_I2CS_SetSlaveQual0(LPC_I2C_PORT, false, 0);

  /* Enable Slave Address 0 */

  Chip_I2CS_EnableSlaveAddr(LPC_I2C_PORT, 0);

  /* Emulated EEPROM 1 is on slave index 1 */

  Chip_I2CS_SetSlaveAddr(LPC_I2C_PORT, 1, EEPROM1SLVADD);

  /* Enable Slave Address 1 */

  Chip_I2CS_EnableSlaveAddr(LPC_I2C_PORT, 1);

  /* Clear interrupt status and enable slave interrupts */



  /* Enable I2C slave interface */


My confusion is that one I2C port can be used as two slave devices?Just only set two different slave addresses?

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