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i.MX6ul hangs on POR(reset) with Murata 1DX module on uSDHC2 (LCD pin mux)

Question asked by Dhvanil Patel on Aug 6, 2016
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I am  facing an issue, while resetting i.MX6ul via POR button. This issue is occurs when LCD_RESET pin (MX6UL_PAD_LCD_RESET__GPIO3_IO04   )  is connected to  WL_REG_ON pin of Murata 1DX module (BCM4343w).


When I reset i.mx6ul via POR, the LCD_RESET goes to low 1.9V from 2.78V ( 2.78V due to LCD_RESET pin has been configured with 47K internal pull up and WL_REG_ON  pin has internal pull down of 200K)   and i.MX6ul stuck at there. Please find below waveform of  LCD_RESET.





4343W WiFi firmware version info from bcmdhd modprobe log :

random: nonblocking pool is initialized

dhdsdio_write_vars: Download, Upload and compare of NVRAM succeeded.

dhd_bus_init: enable 0x06, ready 0x06 (waited 0us)


Firmware up: op_mode=0x0005, MAC=60:f1:89:3a:ed:9d

Firmware version = wl0: Dec 29 2015 15:56:15 version (r608913) FWID 01-4e412465

dhd_wlfc_init(): successfully enabled bdcv2 tlv signaling, 79

dhd_wlfc_init: query wlfc_mode succeed, fw_caps=0x1c

dhd_wlfc_init(): wlfc_mode=0x1c, ret=0



Please help us to resolve this issue as soon as possible


Is there any way to disable 200K pull down on WL_REG_ON  pin of Murata 1DX module ? (As per datasheet, mentioned that it can be disabled by programming)


Is there any new wifi firmware available for Murata 1DX module (4343w) ?





Dhvanil Patel