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IPU: how to stop a task?

Question asked by Enrico Scholz on Aug 8, 2016
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I am working on a driver which uses the IPU to rotate an image.  Things are working usually fine, but it happens that after stopping this operation, the corresponding pre-processor task is stuck in the active state.


E.g. when reading IPU_PROC_TASK_STAT, the corresponding bit is always set


    # devmem 0x02a00250



I tried to clear IPU_IC_CONF (base + 0x20000), IPU_CONF (base + 0) and even wiping whole IPU memory by


   # devmem 0x02a000dc w $[ (1<<31) | ((1<<23) - 1) ]


But this does not help, task still stays in ACTIVE state.


What is the recommended way to reset tasks?