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Query regarding external oscillator frequency selection for PLL Configuration based on S12ZVC Evaluation board.

Question asked by Bhushan Patil on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Radek Sestak



I am using S1912ZVCA19F0WKH (magni v 192kB) controller.


In the VLG_MC9S12ZVC project demo code which we got along with Evaluation board.

The PLL configuration is as below.


//inits the pll

void PLL_init() {


CPMUREFDIV_REFFRQ = 1; //Reference clock between 2MHZ and 6MHZ.   

CPMUREFDIV_REFDIV = 0x1; //FREF=8/(1+1) = 4MHZ

CPMUSYNR_VCOFRQ = 0x1; //FVCO is between 48MHZ and 80MHZ 

CPMUSYNR_SYNDIV = 0x7; //FVCO = 2xFREFx(SYNDIV+1)   =   FVCO = 2x4x(7+1) = 64MHZ

CPMUPOSTDIV_POSTDIV = 0x0; //FPLL = FVCO/(POSTDIV+1).  FPLL = 64MHZ/(0+1)    FPLL = 64MHz   

CPMUOSC_OSCE = 1; //External oscillator enable. 8MHZ. FREF=FOSC/(REFDIV+1)

while(!CPMUIFLG_LOCK){} // Wait for LOCK.

CPMUIFLG = 0xFF; // clear CMPMU int flags - not needed but good practice   



But the external oscillator used in evaluation board is of 4MHz.

I would like to know why external oscillator frequency(fosc) is considered as 8Mhz in the configuration for calculating Fref.

FREF=FOSC/(REFDIV+1): FREF=8/(1+1) = 4MHZ.


If I consider fosc = 4Mhz for calculating reference frequency based on formula I need to set REFDIV = 0 ; to achieve 4Mhz of reference frequency.

If I use REFDIV = 0 ,  PLL lock will not happen.


Please let me know on what basis fosc is considered as 8Mhz.