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KMS won't connect to kv31f board.

Question asked by Jacob Martyr on Aug 7, 2016

All I get is "Could not verify communication over port", I have tried multiple different bootloaders, the openSDA serial port shows up in device manager. The SDK is installed. I installed KDS 3.0 as a few posts said it doesn't work on 3.2. I did manage to connect in KDS and flash one of the example projects via debug. Now I don't know if it preserved the motor code as documentation offers little information beyond saying not to erase it. The board actually had the mbed bootloader when I first used it, is it supposed to be configured like that? None of the KMS documentation had anything about having to replace the mbed loader. I looked to see if there were multiple kv31f variants but they all seem to be the one that should have the motor control software.