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LPCXpresso1769 carrier-board for industrial control

Discussion created by Edward Caceres on Aug 6, 2016

Greetings fellow LPC-lovers!


Here's a nice little LPC1769 industrial application board that you might be interested in...



Recently I had a client that desperately needed to upgrade an industrial-control board (my design, from 1996!). The MCU we used back then? An Intel 80C196KD! Finally... after scouring drawers and boxes, and brokers the world over... no more of these OTP-flash CPUs seem to exist. So, we had to punt and start fresh with something a little more modern.


Another view:




The new version utilizes the LPCXpresso1769 as a module plugged into the application-specific motherboard.


I could have used an 1769 chip directly, but it was just a lot quicker to get this project off the ground. Besides, my client has little to no SMT-assembly/rework capability.


I'm currently working on a spec for the I/O ports and other capabilities. However, I can say that there are: Numerous GPIO's (mostly 5V TTL in, OD-output), an analog-input pin, 4 serial ports (1x RS232, 3x RS485), a quadrature-encoder interface, stepper-driver interface, and a DB15 "bus" which interfaces with other "system" modules built just for this project. The DB15 connector is a handy way to build a group of interconnected controller boards, where one can act as the master to the others (all under F/W control). In our application, we used one of these boards coupled to as many as 16 other PIC-based stepper-controller boards (same PCB shape & concept). It was a very nice & neat package indeed. This would likely make a very nice multi-axis CNC type system or perhaps for some robotics application.


This PCB design can be used standalone - or can be enclosed in a neat little DIN-rail enclosure. We didn't actually need the enclosure (yet), so none have been built. However, the PCB design is ready and able! Here are some 3D renders of the enclosed version:



Interested? Let me know!