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Low pressure calibration for the MPL3115A2

Question asked by Stephen Hanly on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Stephen Hanly

According to the application note on pressure altimetry using the MPL3115A2 (… )  "if the measured pressure is out of this range, but within the operational pressure range, the sensor still functions reasonably well, but does not meet all accuracy requirements in the data sheet." 


We use this sensor in our vibration data logger product (Shock & Vibration Data Loggers – Mide Technology ) that US Navy uses for some hypoxia testing on the F/A-18.  They are flying to altitudes well above the 5574m maximum "calibrated range."  Do you have any data on its performance and accuracy in lower pressure environments?  We are hoping there may be some non-linear calibration that we can apply to the output to compensate for any loss of accuracy. 


Any additional information available for higher altitude / lower pressure operation would be greatly appreciated.


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