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LPC4337 SDRAM Configuration

Question asked by Sigurd Möller on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by Sigurd Möller

I have my a config file to setup my SDRAM that can be see here:


I have made a test-function to see if I can write and read data to SDRAM which can be seen here:


If I set Value = 0xAB00 0000 i get:
"Error at counter = 1"
"Error at address 0x2800 0000"
"Data at address 0x2800 0000 is: 0xABAB ABAB"


If i select Value = 0xBB00 0000 i get:
"Data at address 0x2800 0000 is: 0xBBBB BBBB


Howcome this "mirroring effect" takes place? Where am I failing and how can I fix this?