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LPC4337 SDRAM Configuration

Question asked by Sigurd Möller on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by soledad

I have been trying hard to make the correct configs for my SDRAM. All connections are correct and so are the pin muxings.


at it is possible to see my SDRAM config function.


in my main function I run


Value to write into each address is 0xAB000000
NWords is just set to 32 to begin with.


In this test-function i get:
"Error at counter = 1"
"Error at address 0x28000000"
"Data at address 0x28000000 is 0xABABABAB"


If I select value to be 0xBB000000 i get "Data at address 0x28000000 is 0xBBBBBBBB"


It is always the two digits to the left that gets "mirrored". Any ideas what I am doing wrong?