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SGTL5000 Register configuration

Question asked by Kevin Liu on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2016 by Kevin Liu

hello, i only use HP_R pin to playback music. Play out of the music is very strange, have great noise

CHIP_ANA_POWER         0x4260

CHIP_LINREG_CTR L       0x006C

CHIP_REF_CTRL              0x01FE


CHIP_REF_CTRL              0x01FF

CHIP_SHORT_CTRL         0x1106

CHIP_ANA_CTRL               0x0133

CHIP_ANA_POWER          0x6AFF

CHIP_DIG_POWER           0x0073


CHIP_CLK_CTRL               0x0004 (256fs, 44100)

CHIP_I2S_CTRL                 0x0130  (16bit , 32fs)


output routing is I2S_IN->DAC->HP_R

VDDD is 1.8V, VDDA is 3.4V, VDDIO is 3.4V, VDDD is external drive


What is the problem register configuration?

Play out of the music is very strange