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LPC4350 Hitex eval board, LWIP TCPIP_ECHO() code , HARDFAULT()

Question asked by Sooraj Kumar on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by soledad


I am trying to run TCPECHO() code on Hitex 4350 eval board ,provided by LPCOPEN which uses LWIP stack. When i am downloading the code using my JLINK debugger and start the execution, it is found that the code doesnt respond, so when a break is executed it is seen that the code has entered a HARDFAULT_HANDLER().

I have checked the jumper settings required for ethernet to be enabled and they are proper. Since it is a reference example, I expected it to work fine.


I am using IAR 6.5 IDE and lpcopen V1.03 code. is there any specific setting that needs to be done in the code or on the hitex eval board to make the ethernet work? Basically what I expect is that I should be able to get a ping.



please help as soon as possible.


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